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This strength of the Hindu religion is now viewed as a weakness. So, religious tolerance has been one of the traditional social values in the country. Historically, India has been a land with powerful religious sects.

In the post Independent scenario the social dynamics was very complex. This marks the first time when the state has emerged as a major player and actor in violence by mobs, a qualitative change from previous such situations in India.

India is proud of this system of secular life. Restrictions imposed by caste system on interdining have disappeared. It explicitly prohibited any taxation by the State for the religious purposes. There is a blatant attempt to subvert history, change school curricula and create a new set up in line with a Hindu Rastra.

Such people exist in every nation and society. Read this comprehensive essay about secularism in India. Similarly, the sentiment of untouchability is linked with this feeling of impurity. Ultimately he died for the cause of religious and communal tolerance and harmony which are the basis of true secularism.

Decline in the Concept of Purity and Pollution: Secularism in India is a positive, revolutionary and comprehensive concept which takes within its sweep all the communities in India following several religions.

The secularization process and the accompanying movements of the oppressed increase the insecurity of fundamentalist forces. Right to Freedom of Religion has been guaranteed as a Fundamental Right. The BJP began attacking, what they called "pseudo-secularism", which pampered the minorities at the expense of the majority and demanded that special rights for minorities be taken away.

The founding fathers represented the aspirations of the different sections of society and it is due to the struggles of these different people that secular principles got enshrined into the Indian constitution.

In the process, it has to oppose and struggle against the clergy and vested forces in the society. All the people belonging to different religious sects form parts of the important political parties or groups and stand untitled together whereas a problem of national integrity or security confronts us from within our country or outside.

The events leading to the demolition of Babri Masjid and their aftermath of communal carnage mark a watershed in the history of free India. Further, Hindutva forces accuse that secularism pampers the Muslims as a vote bank. The traditional idea of purity and pollution associated with occupation has declined.

India is inhabited by various races, castes, communities and followers of different religions. There are problems aplenty regarding differences between the various communities which keep on resurfacing now and then, etc.

Essay on Secularism in India

With subdivisions of land holdings, there are few jobs left in the villages for the agricultural class. During the freedom struggle, secularism was emerging as the most dominant principle.

Unlike in the West, where secularism came mainly out of the conflict between the Church and the State, secularism in India was conceived as a system that sustained religious and cultural pluralism.

Further, the fact that million Muslims decided to stay back in India rather than joining Pakistan, should settle their status as true citizens. She is no longer considered impure. With subdivisions of land holdings, there are few jobs left in the villages for the agricultural class.

The concept of purity included the purity of body and mind, and development of spiritualism and a life of sacredness. Traditionally, the education of a Hindu child started only after Vidyarambha Samskara and a priest was called to initiate the child in process of education.

But it never means India is anti-religion, or irreligious or indifferent to religion. Even at this stage, though constitution was secular, the state apparatus: We can no longer ignore the possibility that post Gujaratvillages too can become sites of ethnic riots.

It is the aloofness of state from any particular religion or a state which does not patronise any one or particular religion. In India was divided on the basis of two nation theories.

Sarva Dharma Sambhav has to operate at the personal as well as the social level, while Dharma Nirpekshata or Secularism per se continues to be the state policy.

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But it is my personal affair. Similarly, the Pandit gave a particular name to the child on the basis of the position of his stars.

Problems of Secularism in India – Essay

Or even the rape of some sisters in Gujarat, their fault being the spreading of the word of their God. Religious clergy, bigotry, dogmas and rituals cannot be allowed to guide the state.

On the one hand, some people a-e getting married through the court and on the other hand, even those persons who are getting married through Vedic rites have cut down the elaborate marriage rites and rituals as a result of secularization.

The communal forces are actively propagating the myth that Secularism is a new mask of fundamentalism. They denigrate the secular policies, which are a hindrance to Hindu Right's unobstructed march to subjugate the oppressed in general and minorities in particular. Secularism in India - an essay for UPSC Exams.

What is indian secularism? What is secularism in india?

Secularism in India – Essay

Essay on secularism. Article on secularism in india.

Essay on Secularism in India

What is meant by secularism? Secularism in India is conducted for the treat to the India with equality of status and all religions. The dictionary meaning of the word ‘secularism’ is skepticism in matters of faith.

But we, in India, use the work in a broader concept. Secularism in India. The secular character of the Indian polity was recognized and confirmed at the time of the inception of the country.

The Constitution of India specifically lies down that no citizen of the country shall be discriminated against on the basis of community, caste or creed.

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Sample Essay: Secularism In India: "I do not expect India of my dreams to develop one religion, i.e., to be wholly Hindu or wholly Christian or wholly Mussalman, but I want it to be wholly tolerant, with its religions working side by side with one another.''.

Secularism, like many other concepts, political and social has come to India from the west. Secularism is it is understood and practiced in the western societies indeed. It is the aloofness of state from any particular religion or a state which does not patronise any one or particular religion.


Essay on secular india
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